Omar English Subtitle

Omar English Subtitle

Jul. 20, 2012
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1Season 1 Jul. 20, 2012

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Omar English Subtitle A comprehensive documentary for one of the greatest eras in the history of Islam: the era of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. Expanding the Islamic state shortly after the death of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) to the entire Arab World; standing on the threshold of India and China in the East and the gates of Europe in the North; and roll into the North Africa under the leadership of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab: a leader who made ​​an outstanding example of a role model for many generations to come. While very proud of his religion and culture, Omar exemplified openness to other cultures and human values at their highest standards.

Omar English Subtitle (Arabic عُمَرْ) or Omar Farouk (Persian عمر فاروق) is a literal Arab TV drama miniseries- diurnal that was produced and broadcast by MBC1 and directed by the Syrian director Hatem Ali. Co-produced by Qatar TV, the series is grounded on the life of Omar ibn al-Khattab ( also spelled’Umar’,c. 583 – 644), the alternate Caliph of Islam, and depicts his life from 18 times old until the moments of his death. (3)

Omar English Subtitle series faced large contestation due to its definition of Omar, Abu Bakr, Uthman and Ali, the four Rashidun Caliphs, along with other characters, who some Muslims believe shouldn’t be depicted, much like Mohammad. The series consists of 31 occurrences and was firstly vented in the month of Ramadan since July 20, 2012. It was made at a cost of 200 million Saudi riyals and mugged in Morocco, primarily in the metropolises of Marakesh, Tangiers, El Jadida, Casablanca and Mohammedia.

After the series was broadcast on MBC, it was dubbed into several languages for transnational broadcast and subtitled in English on YouTube; it entered great support from numerous different Sunni scholarly bodies and people watching it.

Omar English Subtitle Synopsis
The series starts with one of the passage of caliph Omar where he delivers speeches to the pilgrims. The coming scene comes with an disquisition on Mecca of the caliph where he emotionally flashbacks to his own 18 time’s life when he was a youthful boy working for his rude father Khattab ibn Nufayl. The flashback perspective of Omar shows all the once story of his life from when he was a wrestler, a businessman and over all one of the leaders of the Quraish, and also to his life after his conversion into Islam being one of the closest companions of Muhammad and an immensely devoted religionist, a stalwart alleviation for all the contemporary Muslims and a bold legionnaire in all the contemporary Islamic battles. The story goes through the Meccan palm, Muhammad’s death, Abu Bakr’s heritage as caliph and his death, and eventually Omar’s heritage. From bystander’s eye perspective, his heritage as caliph shows the biographical stories of advancements and complications of his own caliphate till his assassination by Abu Lulu.

Omar English Subtitle Cast
Samer Ismail as Umar ibn Al-Khattab ( physical actor) (21)
Assad Khalifa as Umar ibn Al-Khattab ( voice actor)
Ghassan Massoud as Abu Bakr
Mehyar Khaddour as Khalid ibn al-Walid
Tamer Al-Arbeed as Uthman ibn Affan
Ghanem Zrelli as Ali ibn Abi Talib
Faisal Al-Omairi as Bilal ibn Rabah
Alaa’Rashidi as Ammar ibn Yasir
Rafi Wahba as Jafar ibn Abi Talib
Abdullah Sheikh Khamees as Yasir ibn Amer
Baha’Tharwat as Abu Hudhayfa ibn’Utba
Abdel-Aziz Makhioun as Abu Talib
Mohammad Miftah as Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib.
Ahmed Mansour as’Abd al-Rahman ibn’Awf
Mahmoud Khalili as Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah
Suhail Jbaei as Sa d ibn Abi Waqqas
Qasim Melho as Amr ibn al-‘As
Hisham Bahloul as Ikrimah ibn Abi Jahl
Yazan Al-Sayed as Al-Qa’qa’a ibn Amr at-Tamimi
Fethi Haddaoui as Abu Sufyan ibn Harb
Jawad Al-Shakrji as Abu al-Hakam/ Abu Jahl.
Fayez Abu Dan as Abu Lahab
Hassan Al-Jundi as Utbah ibnRabi’ah
Rafiq Al-Subaiei as Waraqah ibn Nawfal
Ghazi Hussein as Umayyah ibn Khalaf

Other Cast in Omar English Subtitle
Jalal Al-Taweel as Salman the Persian
Ziad Twati as Wahshi ibn Harb
Basem Dakak as Walid ibn Utbah
May Skaf as Hind bint Utbah
Bernadette Hudeib as Rayhana bint Zayd
Fadi Sbeeh as Safwan ibn Umayya
Mohammad Haddaqi as Umayr ibn Wahb
Nadera Imran as Sajah bint Al-Harith
Khaled Al-Qaish as Ayyash ibn Abi Rabiah
Jaber Joukhdar as Abdullah ibn Masud
Ghazwan Al-Safadi as Al-Walid ibn al-Walid
Mahmoud Nasr as Zayd ibn al-Khattab
Alfat Omar as Atiqa bint Zayd
Siham Aseef as Layla bint al-Minhal
Najah Safkouni as Suhayl ibn Amr
Abdel-Karim Al-Qawasmi as Walid ibn al-Mughira
Rami Khalaf as Saeed bin Zaid
Ghassan Azb as Huyayy ibn Akhtab
Riyadh Wrdiyani as Salul
Nasser Wrdiyani as Khattab ibn Nufayl
Muna Wassef as Al-Shifa’bint Abdullah.
Abdel-Hakim Quteifan as Malik ibn Nuwayrah
Mohannad Quteish as Al-Muthanna ibn Haritha
Faten Shahin as Umm Jamil bint Harb
Andre Skaff as Suraqa bin Malik
Fatimah Saad as Sumayyah bint Khayyat
Qamar Murtadha as Salma Umm-ul-Khair
Nasr Shama as Uthman Abu Quhafa
Murshad Dergham as Mughira ibn Shu’ba
Randy Halabi as Yazid ibn Abi Sufyan
Omar Azouzi as Al-‘As ibnWa’il
Areej Khaddour as Fatimah bint al-Khattab
Amn Al-Arned as Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfa
Yasser Abdel-Latif as Al-Najashi
Amer Ali as Yazdegerd III
Maram Ben Aziza as woman of Yazdegerd III (Maria)
Jay Abdo as satrap
Iyad Abu Al-Shamat as Hormuzan
Jamal Abbasi as Musaylimah
Mohammad Al Rashi as AbuLu’lu’a Firuz
Suzan Najm Aldeen as Borandukht
Juliet Awad as Al-Khansa
MohammadQuri’ah as Heraclius
Mustapha Tah-Tah as Mukhayriq
Unknown Actor as Theodore Trithyrius

Omar English Subtitle


Omar English Subtitle
Omar English Subtitle
Omar English Subtitle
Omar English Subtitle
Original title عمر
TMDb Rating 9.6 9 votes
First air date Jul. 20, 2012
Last air date Aug. 18, 2012
Seasons 1
Episodes 30
Average Duration 45 minutes

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